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Student Involvement

College of Management students are encouraged to enhance their academic experience with on-campus co-curricular activities.

Involvement not only provides an opportunity to meet new people, but allows you a chance to apply skills outside of the classroom in leadership roles or collaborative efforts and can enhance your resume as well.

There are student clubs and organizations within the college that are closely related to a variety of our academic disciplines, including the Xi Phi chapter of the co-ed professional fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. There are also leadership opportunities available through the College of Management Ambassadors Program and learning communities within CM. Students who are interested in a wide range of activities or leadership roles are also encouraged to explore groups that are coordinated through Student Activities and Leadership at UMass Boston.

Leadership & Learning Communities

LEAD: Learn, Engage, Achieve, Distinguish

LEAD from your first day on campus by being a part of Management LEAD! LEAD provides incoming freshmen with the opportunity to develop close relationships with peers and faculty through clustered courses.

Learn about the university, the college, your major, and yourself

Engage with other students, faculty, peers, and advisors

Achieve milestones and gain skills for success

Distinguish yourself from others


  • academic advising from the College of Management from day one of enrollment
  • close relationships with peers through smaller classes
  • help getting acclimated from peer LEADers, who serve as upper-class mentors
  • integration with the Management Achievement Program
  • guaranteed seat in LEAD courses, making registration less stressful
  • enrollment in a special section of the Introduction to Business course (MGT 130), for management majors, or the Problem Solving course (IT 110), for information technology majors, in the first semester, providing early exposure to the fundamentals of business and information technology
  • enrollment in BUSADM 101, the College of Management’s 1-credit transition-to-college course just for LEAD students


The College of Management reserves sections of courses just for students in the LEAD program. This gives students enrolled in Management LEAD a guaranteed seat in some very high demand courses, making the registration process easier. 

Management LEAD does not add any additional curricular requirements, but instead takes those requirements and clusters them into specific groupings that ensure students will meet prerequisites and requirements in an appropriate progression. We continue the system of grouping classes for LEAD students for the first four semesters, as outlined below, until students reach upper level status and delve into the management core and concentration coursework.

3YD: Three Year Degree Pathway

The College of Management offers a program for students to earn a bachelor of science in management in only three years (3YD).

This program offers the existing degree requirements in a reformatted package coupled with additional support that will lead to an earlier graduation date and start to your career.


Students participating in 3YD will:

  • Complete 17–21 credits per semester, compared to the traditional 15 credits per semester for a four-year degree (3YD assumes a student enters with 9–12 college credits from AP, IB, or dual enrollment.);
  • Enjoy the flexibility to complete an optional internship during the second summer of the program and to participate in the Emerging Professional Society to prepare for the internship experience;
  • Have the potential to save up to a year’s worth of tuition and fees.


Students who are accepted into the management major as a first year student for the fall semester will be eligible to join the three-year degree pathway. Since this program is more academically strenuous than the typical four-year degree pathway, students enrolling in this program will need to demonstrate their academic strength by earning at least a 3.25 GPA each semester to stay on track and enrolled as a 3YD student. This program is compatible with the university Honors College and campus involvement opportunities.

TRAIL: Transfer Resources for Academics, Involvement, and Leadership

Peer mentors in the TRAIL (Transfer Resources for Achievement, Involvement, and Leadership) Program assist incoming College of Management students as they transition from a community college or a four-year institution. TRAIL mentors work collaboratively with each other and the student services specialist to implement supportive resources, class topics, and events for incoming transfer students.

Peer LEADers


Peer LEADers in the LEAD Program help new students navigate the transition to UMass Boston and the College of Management. LEADers will work together with each other and the student services specialist to connect with incoming first-year students and are responsible for planning co-curricular events and activities for the community, with support from the staff in the College of Management.  Applications to join the LEADers team are available in the spring semester for the following academic year; email for more information.

College of Management Ambassadors

College of Management Ambassadors

CM ambassadors play an active role in the Management Achievement Program (MAP) as they assist in the facilitation and management of MAP events, as well as help guide fellow students through the program. CM ambassadors also represent the college at events such as Welcome Day and Open House, as well as other events sponsored by the CM Dean’s Office and the college. Ambassadors represent the best of our students with their professional demeanor, knowledge of the college, and willingness to help others. Applications to join the CM Ambassadors team are available in the spring semester for the following academic year; email for more information.