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Management Achievement Program (MAP)

Develop your business acumen and professional playbook with MAP.

The Management Achievement Program (MAP) is designed to develop each student’s professional demeanor, build competencies for academic success, increase involvement in the college and local business communities, and allow students to combine their academic and professional goals and experiences.

MAP consists of engaging opportunities such as workshops, speaker series, on-site visits to companies, and networking events designed to expose students to a rich set of educational experiences that will better prepare them for a successful transition to a career in management. This program helps students plan their route to a successful future. The more progress you make through MAP, the more miles students earn toward their destination: professional excellence and a successful career.


The more students put into MAP, the more they will take away from it. Some of the benefits include:

  • Networking with faculty, professionals, and successful alumni in your desired field
  • An opportunity to acquire a strong business presence (professional etiquette, speaking, and interpersonal communication skills)
  • The ability to create a résumé that will stand out with prospective employers


Students who started with the College of Management during the summer of 2018 or after are required to complete MAP miles in specific areas. These requirements are based on standards of career readiness defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. For details about these requirements, log in to UMBInvolved, scroll down, and click on your path on the right side of the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I work/my schedule does not allow me to participate in regularly scheduled events; what do I do?”
We understand that not everyone has the ability to participate in events, which is why we have designed a series of Ongoing Opportunities. These opportunities will allow you to complete some of your MAP miles on a more flexible schedule.

Where do I go after I log in to UMBInvolved?
Scroll down on the page, click on "your path" on the right side of the screen. Through "your path" you can search for ways to complete each category.

Why haven't my miles shown up  yet?
A majority of the time, miles will appear on your account within 1-2 business days of the event. Occasionally, this may take longer due to the volume of events occurring at one time.

Do I REALLY need 80% of my MAP miles requirement met before I register for MGT 490?
Yes. There are no exceptions. Please work ahead on the miles requirement. The more you delay earning your miles, the longer it will take to graduate.

What if I didn’t RSVP for an event, or can’t log in yet, can I still participate in events?
Yes. We have a sign in pad at every event, so you will still earn your miles, however we ask that you RSVP for events to help us ensure the correct space to accommodate all participants.

Who do I contact about MAP?
If you have questions or concerns, call 617.287.7760 or email  When you contact the program, please make sure you include your UMass ID number, contact info, and your name as it is listed with the university.

MAP Ongoing Opportunities

We understand that many students work part-time or full-time while attending classes. If you find that you are not able to make it to scheduled events, there may be other opportunities for you to earn miles.


1 mile per organization for which you held a leadership position for at least one full academic year. You should submit a self-reported experience form on UMBeInvolved if you qualify for this MAP Mile opportunity.

If you are interested in starting a student organization related to an area of business, you can learn more about the process established by the Office of Student Activities.

Lead and Serve

Companies and organizations around the world are becoming more aware of their role to be socially responsible entities. Many organizations have pursued steps to integrate their responsibility into their business plans. For example:

  • Staples Inc. re-tooled their supply chains to be more environmentally sustainable by reconfiguring their delivery routes, using less packaging on their store shelves, and using their buying power to motivate suppliers to reduce waste across their supply chains as well.
  • Panera Bread launched Panera Cares, an aggressive community outreach program and chain of restaurants to help end food insecurity by charging a suggested food value to the customers who can pay or donate more; while giving meals to those who cannot, in a cheery, clean, mostly volunteer run restaurant environment, that looks no different than their traditional Panera Bread locations.
  • Toms Shoes built their entire company around the need to address a global need to confront the effects on health and quality of life for people who have no shoes, while still pursuing corporate profitability. In the process, they have given more than 10 million new pairs of shoes away, and are now branching out to confront vision problems in the developing world all while delivering quarterly profits on par with their competitors.

These forward-thinking companies are the standard bearer for 21st century corporate social responsibility, and the following opportunity will give you the chance to give back to the community and gain some valuable (and marketable) skills.

Service Learning Experience - Miles Vary

Much like internships, service learning can offer you tangible skills in a volunteer setting, and give you the opportunity to give back to the local community as well. The Office of Student Leadership and Community Engagement offers several opportunities to students to complete leadership certificate programs, work in community nonprofit organizations, and internship experiences in a variety of fields and focus areas. Contact to find out more details.

You can also complete community service on your own time, take on a leadership role on or off campus, or participate in a leadership development program through the Office of Student Leadership and Community Engagement. To earn credit for leadership and service experience, you can log on to UMBInvolved, click on you profile, "Experiences," "Add Experiences," "MAP Self-Reported Experience." Contact to see whether your experience counts.


CM Leadership and Motivation Book Series - 1 MAP mile
The college has chosen books popular to professionals in the field to help inform their thinking when in the workforce. These books are on reserve at the University of Massachusetts Boston's library, and require some analysis of the concepts involved, yet do not present a burdensome amount of reading. Students must read the book groupings below, and complete the questionnaire in order to receive credit. Questionnaires are reviewed every Friday, so please plan ahead. Students may also read the materials from their own sources if the reserve copies are unavailable. Students may only complete one book grouping for MAP credit.

  • Who Moved My Cheese? - by Spencer Johnson
  • Fish! A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results - by Steven Lundin
  • How Full is Your Bucket?- by Tom Rath

Once you have completed the books, submit this form: (This form will take time, and work cannot be saved without restarting the entire form. Please plan ahead.) This experience cannot be repeated for MAP credit.

Women in business leadership media series - 1 MAP mile

Watch all 4 videos and read the 1 article listed below:

Edith Cooper  (Article)

Janet Mock  (Video)

Marie Claire Lim Moore (Video)

Sheryl Sandberg (Video)

Dame Stephanie Shirley  (Video)

Submit your responses via this form. 

Career Preparation and Training

Informational interview with person in leadership role (includes brief write up) - 1 MAP mile

You can arrange an informational interview with a person in a leadership role in an industry of interest. An informational interview is not an interview for a job, but an opportunity for you to learn from an individual in the field with experience. You can ask questions about their career path, skills required, greatest challenges, what they enjoy, and advice they would give, etc. To earn credit for the Informational Interview, you can log on to UMBInvolved, click on your profile, "Experiences," "Add Experiences," "MAP Self-Reported Experience."

Job shadow with person in leadership role (includes brief write up) - 1 MAP mile

Observe a person in a leadership role in an industry of interest for a morning or afternoon. To earn credit for the job shadow, you can log on to UMBInvolved, click on your profile, “Experiences,” “Add Experience,” “MAP Self-Reported Experience.”

Internship - 2 MAP miles

Students can upload a copy of their internship offer letter on the MAP portal. To earn credit for the internship, you can log on to UMBInvolved, click on your profile, “Experiences,” “Add Experience,” “MAP Self-Reported Experience.”

Pre-recorded Options

MAP has always been intended to be an in-person experience. During the pandemic and related remote semesters, the program temporarily pivoted to be completed virtually and through pre-recorded options.  With the return to campus, MAP has also returned to be primarily in-person experience.  However, we also recognize that some of our students have conflicts with work or other obligations that have always existed and require some flexible MAP options.  Therefore, we will have a carefully curated selection of pre-recorded options that a select population of high credit Management majors will be invited to view for limited periods of time each semester. If you are selected, you will receive an email with more details.


Non-UMass Boston events
Request prior approval from  miles vary.

Any other professional development opportunities that fit in with the mission of MAP

To request prior approval, email

Conferences, workshops or trainings - miles vary.

If you attended any of these through your job, you may be eligible to earn miles with proof of attendance. Prior approval required, contact for more details. The conference/workshop/training can be repeated for MAP credit; prior approval is required.