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New Student Resources


Welcome to Boston's only public business school. Below are resources to help new students who have attended orientation in the winter or summer ensure they have a successful experience at the UMass Boston.


All students in the College of Management work with an academic advisor throughout their undergraduate experience.  Students who start in the College of Management with less than 60 credits are advised in the Advising and Career Engagement and Success Center.  Once students have earned 60 credits, they will transition to an advisor in the College.  

Students in the College of Management with more than 60 credits and students who joined LEAD, TRAIL, or 3YD in their first semester at the university are advised in the Undergraduate Program Office in the College of Management.


  • First-Year Students: must complete both the ALEKS Math Placement and Guided Writing Placement to register for courses for the first semester at UMass Boston. If first-year students have not completed either of these, please follow the information below to complete the assessments. Once finished, contact your advisor to make any schedule adjustments based on this new placement information.
  • Transfer Students:  Most transfer students are recommended to take the College of Management Writing Assessment (CMWA) when they attend Orientation. This writing assessment is required to enroll in your first semester's Business Communication (BC) course. Registering for the BC 290 course requires completing ENGL 101, 102, 30 credits, and placement from the CMWA. For more about the CMWA and pre-requisites, visit our CMWA Information Sheet.
  • ALEKS Math Placement for First-Year and Transfer Students:  To access the ALEKS Math Assessment: Log into WISER. Click "My Academics, Placement Testing, and select ALEKS Math Place, Prep, Learn." Ensure the pop-up blocker on the internet browser is disabled, or the link will not open.
  • Guided Writing Placement: The self-guided writing placement process will help determine which writing courses students should take in their first year at UMass Boston. This placement program involves a set of questions about the students' experiences with language, writing, and standardized testing, followed by a brief reading and writing activity. Please answer all questions carefully and honestly to receive the best guidance on course placements. This process takes up to 60 minutes to complete. 

Students must sign up for a date to take the CMWA via Blackboard. Please watch the CMWA registration video for steps to sign up for a CMWA date. 


Student Code of Conduct: All students at UMass Boston are expected to be responsible members of the University Community. The Dean of Students Office has outlined the Student Code of Conduct which sets the expectations for student responsibility inside and outside the classroom. View the Code of Conduct.

Academic Policies: Students can find the academic policies on the Registrar's website; this information applies to all University students. College of Management Academic policies are located on the Undergraduate Program Office page.  

Career Services: UMass Boston students can access resources through the Office of Career Services & Internships. The College of Management has a strong relationship with this office; and encourages all students to connect with a Career Advisor, set up their Handshake account, and attend the Career Development workshops in a student's first semester. 

Ross Center for Disability Services: For students with an IEP in high school or who were registered with the accessibility center at your previous institution and want to continue receiving accommodations at UMass Boston, the Ross Center can help.  

One Stop: This is a student services center with a team of professionals representing three essential offices: Financial Aid Services, the Registrar's Office, and the Bursar's OfficeOne Stop helps students take care of several financial aid, Registrar, and student billing transactions at once and in one centralized location. 

Getting to Campus: There are many ways to access campus: driving, the MBTA, biking, or walking. Visit the Parking and Transportation website for information about each of these options.

AP/IB/Dual Enrollment Credit: For students who took AP/IB exams in high school or completed dual enrollment courses, official records will need to be submitted to have the earned credits posted to the student's official record. Visit the advanced credit section to learn more about policies and how to send your records. 

Understanding your Transfer Credit: Students who transfer to UMass Boston can learn more about the process and how their previous courses will transfer over by reviewing Transfer Credit on the Admissions page. If a student thinks a course should have transferred as a direct equivalent to a requirement and UMass Boston does not fill out the appeals form to request another review for any non-business course. For business courses, contact and share the syllabus or syllabi for the courses you would like reviewed for equivalency.

Start on Track:  The University Advising Center has put together helpful content to make the transition to UMass Boston successful

University Health Services: Is committed to providing quality medical services and education to enhance and promote the health and well-being of the university community. As part of this commitment, there are certain requirements for all new students. Please visit the Information for New Students page to learn about these requirements. 


First-year students learned about the Management LEAD & 3YD: Three Year Degree Programs at New Student Orientation. Both are Learning Community options available to new First-Year students. Joining one of these programs will provide a dedicated advisor in the College of Management by either Mara Gould for Management LEAD or Becca Meaney for 3YD: Three Year Degree Program. For more information about these two programs, visit the Learning Community page, and watch this video from LEAD graduate Karissa Chute.  

Transfer students learned about Management TRAIL at the New Student Orientation. TRAIL is exclusively for new Transfer students in their first semester. Choosing to join TRAIL will provide advising in the College of Management by Becca Meaney. For more TRAIL information, check out the content on our Learning Community page, and watch this video from TRAIL participant and TRAIL Mentor Olivia Cooney.


The Management Achievement Program (MAP) is the College of Management's required professional development program for all Management Majors. This program is designed to help students enhance their skills outside of the classroom. In addition to the MAP Overview handout, students can find information about the Management Achievement Program on the website. 


  • WISER - The IT Help Desk has provided resources to help students navigate WISER. Visit the Help for Students section on the website if experiencing difficulty navigating Wiser. 
  • EMAIL - The IT Help Desk has put together information to assist new students set up and accessing their UMass Boston email. These resources are available on the IT Services page and include instructions for setting up email on a computer or phone. 

Please remember to check your UMass Boston email regularly, as it is considered a formal mode of communication by the University. 

Do not forward a UMass Boston email to another account; important messages can be lost or incorrectly filtered in this process. Instead, set up access on a mobile device. Need more help than the videos and step-by-step instructions? Live Chat with the IT Help Desk.