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Serving & Providing Alcohol

The University does not have a standing permit to serve alcohol. The university requires that the caterer (Sodexo or off-campus caterer) obtain a one day alcohol permit from the City of Boston for each event where alcohol will be served, regardless of service style ( “cash” or “open” bar). A single day alcohol license can take up to four weeks to secure. We ask that you please plan accordingly. The University will ask the caterer to provide evidence of all necessary permits before the event may take place. The caterer must also have the permit in-hand on the day of the event.  Please ask your caterer to review with you any fees associated with obtaining a one-day alcohol permit.

The University requires that alcohol and food are provided by the same catering company. This ensures that there is an appropriate balance with the provision of alcohol and food service. Alcohol must be served by the caterer, and cannot be served by department or organization volunteers.  

Permission to Serve Alcohol

University departments hosting events with alcohol are required to complete an Alcohol Request Form and receive a sign-off from the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. Contact the Office of Student Affairs at 617.287.5800 if you have any questions. The Alcohol Request Form must be completed prior to your event date. Any department hosting an event on campus where alcohol is to be served should review the University Policy on Alcohol.