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On-Campus Catering Services

UMass Boston Catering Services can prepare meals to accommodate any type of event. Whether you are planning a corporate meeting, conference or evening gala, UMass Boston Catering can assist you with your catering needs. UMass Boston Catering Services prices are extremely competitive and in most cases, more reasonable that local catering companies. From box lunches to upscale presentations, UMass Boston catering can design and provide a menu to meet any group’s needs. If you have questions about UMass Boston catering services, please call 617.287.5114.

Using Off-Campus Catering Services

The University has an open catering policy and non-university caterers are permitted to serve meals on campus. The decision to have an external caterer provide food service at UMass Boston presents a number of challenges. They include: safe and proper food handling, liability, food delivery, storage and possible harm to persons or property. The University has established the following policies as best practices to reduce the risk of food-borne illness and to prevent harm to individuals, property or the university.    

Catering and Vendor Requirements

Non-university caterers must sign a catering contract, provide proof of insurance and tour the facility/serving areas before being permitted to serve food at UMass Boston. If you are hosting an event at UMass Boston and you would like to see a list of approved caterers, please contact the campus center. Note:  The term “approved” means that the caterer currently has a catering contract on-file, has served previously at UMass Boston, toured our facility and has provided the appropriate insurance documentation.

Approved Caterer List

Caterer Phone Number
Bakers' Best Cafe and Catering 617.332.4588
B & M Catering Company 800.722.2526
BG Events & Catering 617.581.1150
Black Seed Catering and Grill 617.338.0024
Boston Cafe and Catering 781.938.9300
Chive Catering 978.866.0208
City Fresh Food Catering with Chef Lee 617.606.7123
El Oriental De Cuba 617.524.6464
East Meets West Catering 781.455.0700
Ethnica Catering 781.963.2517
Gourmet Caterers 617.522.2820
Haley House Bakery Cafe 617.445.0900
Jules Catering 617.628.5977
Marty's Caterers 781.438.5511
Max Ultimate Food 617.427.9799
Merengue Restaurant 617.445.5403
Off the Vine Catering 781.762.9779
Phillips Catering 617.740.1481
Pit Stop BBQ 617.436.0485
Rita's Catering 617.389.1601
Spinelli's of Boston 617.567.4499
Sunrise Cuisine 617.623.2992
Tables of Content Catering 617.363.0404

Defining Non-University Catering

Catering is defined as (1) Non-university caterers/restaurants/food vendors who provide food on property owned or leased by the University, (2) Are licensed and insured to provide catering services and (3) Come on to university property to prepare, deliver, transport, set out and/or service the food for meetings, conferences or special events.

Catering Does NOT Include

Food prepared by a caterer/restaurant/food service provider but is delivered, transported, set out and serviced by the event planner/organizer (non-university caterer does not come on to campus). This may include deli trays from the grocery, sandwiches, coffee and danish from the coffee shop or a food order picked-up, transported and set-up by the event planner/organization.

What about pizza or take-out delivery?  When departments, student groups or guests order and pay for pizza or take-out delivery, this is considered drop/go fast-food service. This is not considered catering. Pizza delivery is considered a low-risk food service.

Catering Fees Associated with Off-Campus Catering Services

Businesses which contract with the university to generate revenue (bookstore, bank services, food services, vendors, etc.) are charged a commission or fee for the opportunity to conduct business at UMass Boston. Additionally, the university bears certain costs in providing access to space for contracted catering services (clean-up, staffing, damage, facility maintenance, utilities, etc.). For these reasons, there is a catering fee of $1 per guest for breakfast, lunches and receptions, and $2 per guest for dinner service. This fee is billed to the department/organization booking the space and/or contracting the event. It applies to all catered events (see catering definition above) and is based on the set-up count given (5) business days prior to the event.

Catering Fees and Your Catering Bill

Many event venues charge outside caterers a fee to serve food in their facility. While UMass Boston’s practice is to bill the department/organization for the catering fee, the department/organization may require that the caterer adjust their final catering invoice to compensate for this fee. University departments and non-university organizations are strongly encouraged to work with their caterer, and ask that their final bill be adjusted to cover the fees described above. Information related to the catering fee is also listed in the contract signed by each caterer to make them aware of this.

Special Note about Home Prepared Food

Serving large groups or events with home prepared food can create food-safety, liability and health-related challenges. Event food services must be provided by UMass Boston catering services or a licensed and insured caterer.

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