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Rental Rates, Event-Related Fees & Insurance Requirements

This overview lists the criteria Campus Center staff uses to determine whether charges apply to conferences, meetings, and events planned in the Campus Center. The Campus Center staff strives to apply these rates fairly to all events held within the facility. Our staff is available to answer any questions you may have about event related charges.  

We use the following criteria to determine if fees apply:

No Charge

The program, meeting, or event is an initiative of, and was created/developed by UMass Boston for the sole benefit of its students, faculty, and staff. Further, the program, meeting, or event is for UMass Boston faculty, staff and/or students and is not open to the public or non-university guests. There is no external funding or partnership associated with the event.

University Rate

The program, meeting, or event is an initiative of UMass Boston, and was created/developed by UMass Boston and involves external partnership, funding, or guests. The event is not primarily for the university community and is open to non-university guests/attendees (through advertisement or invitation). The event is supported by funds from outside the university (e.g. outside sponsorship, admission fees, registration charges, fundraisers, ticket sales, etc.). 

In order to obtain the University Rate:

  1. UMass Boston representative must request the space
  2. UMass Boston representative must serve as the primary contact/planner for all event-related details
  3. All charges related to the event will be billed and covered by the UMass Boston department speed type.

Standard Rate

The program, meeting, or event is an initiative of a private company, nonprofit, or individual. The audience primarily consists of guests external to the university. A specific set of discounts are available for events, programs, and meetings under the Standard Rate. They include:

  • Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations (10% discount off the Standard Rate)
  • Small, local, community-based nonprofits, local civic associations, local charities, and community 501(c)(3) nonprofits (25% discount off the Standard Rate)
  • Employees/alumni hosting a personal event (retirement party, wedding, family reunion, private reception, etc.) (15% discount)

Morning Discounted Rate

Events concluding by 1 p.m. will receive a 30% discount off the listed rate. This rate applies to the room rental only. Events may also carry charges for staff and equipment such as staging (including public safety), risers, dance floors, wireless AV systems, etc.

Rate Criteria

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