Campus Center

Keys & CC Access Cards

Requests for all Campus Center access cards, office and desk keys are made through the Campus Center by submitting a completed Key Request Form. The form must be signed by your department head.  Desk keys and workstation keys are generally available to you immediately, however they must be picked up and returned (to the Campus Center Office) in person or by your supervisor upon leaving the University.

Key requests to offices or other physical spaces will be forwarded to the Facilities Department upon receipt of a Key Request Form. Once Facilities cuts the office key, they will notify you that the key is ready for pick-up at the Facilities Office. Keys must be picked up and returned in person upon leaving the University. If you are locked out or need your desk unlocked, a Campus Center staff member can assist upon verifying that you are authorized to enter that space.

Replacing Lost or Stolen Cards

Please protect your card from rips, bends, tears or excessive heat. If your card is lost, stolen or damaged notify the Campus Center office immediately and the card will be deactivated and replaced. A replacement fee applies to any lost, stolen or damaged cards.

Key and Access Card Request Form

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