Posting & Advertising

There are many posting and advertising options located in the Campus Center.  Here is a list of some of our most popular:

Postings and Flyers

There are eight (8) designated posting areas within the building. These boards are located at the primary entrances/exits and on each floor of the Campus Center. Please bring (8) copies of the poster/flier to the Campus Center office and we will have them posted in the building. Posters/flyers must be approved and stamped first by the Office of Student Life before they will be posted. Unstamped posters and flyers are removed routinely by the Campus Center staff. Please do not post in undesignated areas. Postings must be related to a university department or student organization function/event/program. If you have a large posting or event flier, please come to the Campus Center Office and we can supply you with easels or temporary sign holders. Non-university posters, flyers and advertisements are not permitted (except on the day of a scheduled conference or event).

Student Organization Banners

Student organizations are encouraged to post banners advertising their group. Banners are hung from the railings, and may be placed in the Atrium Café Lounge, or the University Terrace Area. Banners cannot be hung from the office windows. Only registered student organizations may hang banners and each must include website address or contact information for the club or group. Banners must be professionally created and must not be on a bed sheet, cardboard or other flammable material. They may not be larger than 6ft long and 3ft wide. Each group may not have any more than one student organization banner at one time. Banners may remain hung permanently as long as the student organization is registered. Please bring banners to the CC office to be hung. The Campus Center is not responsible for potential theft of vandalism. Banners may be removed and re-hung for selected university events and programs.

Display Case Advertising

The Campus Center has one display case located in the Atrium Area near the rear entrance to the Bookstore. University Departments and Student Organizations may reserve the case for a two (2) week period. A reservation must be made through the Campus Center Office. All materials must be removed by 2pm on the last day of the reservation to make way for the next scheduled group. To setup your display, come to the Campus Center Office to have the case opened. Materials not removed from the display case by the 2pm deadline will be removed. Campus center administration is not responsible for materials. Materials not picked up within seven (7) working days may be discarded. Display Case content must conform to the Student Code of Conduct and avoid comment that may be considered offensive or discriminatory.

Foam Core Signs

Many departments and student groups utilize foam-core posters and signs to advertise their program or event. Signs can be placed in the main lobby (upper Level), plaza entrance (level 1), catwalk entrance (level 2), and at the entrance to the food court (level 1). Posters can be displayed for a maximum of two weeks prior to the event date. If a longer display period is required, please contact the Campus Center office to inquire about extended placement. Given the high demand for poster placement, a permanent display is not permitted. The Campus Center is an open and accessible building and therefore does not have the ability to police or protect posters. We are not responsible for replacing damaged, missing or stolen posters. Foam core posters left on display after the event date will be recycled. Please bring your poster to the Campus Center Office and we will gladly place it in the location of your choice.

Posting and Advertising Policies

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