Involvement Opportunities

Looking for something to do? The Campus Center is your gateway to involvement opportunities here at UMass Boston. Here, you can join a student organization, learn valuable leadership skills, or take in a special guest lecture or featured film. You'll find that endless opportunities await you in the Campus Center.

Programs and Events

UMass Boston has a vibrant campus life and the Campus Center is home to many outstanding programs and events. From lectures and concerts to student organization meetings and university functions, there’s always something happening at the Campus Center.

Student Activities

College isn’t only about the classroom. Joining one of our many student clubs is a great way to meet others who share your interests, discover a new interest, learn, or just have fun. What’s your passion? Chances hare there’s a student group for you. Biking? Cricket? Fashion? Film? Robotics? Theatre? Interested in exploring and celebrating your heritage? The range of student associations at UMass Boston reflects the diversity of our student body, from Albania to Vietnam. Sign up for a student group and get involved!

The Office of Student Activities and Leadership also provides important services to the UMass Boston community. Here, you can obtain a University ID, rent a locker, purchase discounted MBTA semester passes, or pick up discounted movie tickets to AMC and National Showcase cinemas and reduced admission tickets to the New England Aquarium and the Museum of Science.

Leadership Experiences

Want to make a difference for your fellow students and the wider community? The Student Senate offers you a chance to have a real impact on the quality of student life on campus. Enhance the university’s cultural life through the Student Arts and Events Council. Find community service opportunities through the Office of Student Leadership and Community Engagement. Use these student organizations, leadership development programs, and community service projects to explore your cultural, social, and academic interests while expanding your portfolio and networking skills.