The Center for Governance and Sustainability aims to facilitate thought and action for strengthening developmental and environmental policymaking at the global level. While accomplishing this goal entails rigorous research and analysis, we believe that it is critical to communicate findings and ideas to policy makers, scholars, and interested citizens.

The Global Environmental Governance Project at the Center for Governance and Sustainability has produced several documentaries as well as short clips from the 2009 Global Environmental Governance Forum in Glion, Switzerland. A selection can be found below and at the Governance in Film section on the Project’s website.


Global Environmental Governance Project VideoThe GEG Project is proud to present, ‘Quest for Leadership’, its newest documentary and sequel to ‘Quest for Symphony’. ‘Quest for Leadership’ recounts the story of environmental governance through the eyes of the individuals who created and led national and international institutions for environment and development. It seeks to inspire bold, unflinching leadership in new generations of environmental activists around the world who can shatter stereotypes, create a climate of cooperation and devise an analytically sound and morally grounded agenda for action.


Quest for Symphony Global Environmental Governance DocumentaryThe Quest for Symphony outlines the past, present, and future of global environmental governance in an engaging fifteen minute documentary centered on interviews with key participants at the 25th United Nations Environment Programme’s Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum in Nairobi, Kenya in February 2009.

Seeding Soft Shell Clams on Thompson Island

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Readers' Guide: Global Redesign Initiative

An online, interactive Readers’ Guide to the outcome of the World Economic Forum’s 18 month Global Redesign Initiative (GRI) project.
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