Faculty Publications

Selected Publications by Maria Ivanova, PhD


Esty, Daniel C. and Maria Ivanova, eds. Global Environmental Governance: Options & Opportunities. New Haven, CT: Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. 2002.

Translated into Portuguese (Governança Ambiental Global: Opções & Oportunidades) and published in Brazil, São Paulo: Editora Senac São Paulo, 2005.


Ivanova, Maria. “UNEP in Global Environmental Governance: Design, Leadership, Location,” (PDF) in Global Environmental Politics, 2010, Vol. 8, Issue 1, pp.30-59.

Ivanova, Maria. “PNUMA e a Governança Ambiental Global” (PDF) in Cadernos Adenauer, Vol. IX, Issue 3, 2009, pp. 159-180. (Brazilian journal)

Ivanova, Maria and Daniel C. Esty. “Reclaiming U.S. Leadership in Global Environmental Governance,” (PDF) in The SAIS Review of International Affairs, Vol. XXVIII, Issue 2, Summer-Fall 2008, pp. 57-75.

Ivanova, Maria, David Gordon and Jennifer Roy. “Towards Institutional Symbiosis: Business and the United Nations in Environmental Governance,” (PDF) in Review of European Community and International Environmental Law RECIEL, Vol. 16, Issue 2, 2007, pp. 123-134.

Ivanova, Maria. “Designing the United Nations Environment Programme: A Story of Compromise and Confrontation,” (PDF) in International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law, and Economics Vol. 7, Issue 3, September 2007, pp. 337-361.

Esty, Daniel C. and Maria Ivanova. “Globalization and Environmental Protection: A Global Governance Perspective” (PDF) in The ICFAI Journal of Environmental Law, Vol. 4, Issue 4 (October), 2005, pp. 41-66.


Ivanova, Maria. “Moving Forward by Looking Back: Learning from UNEP's History” (PDF) in Global Environmental Governance: Perspectives on the Current Debate, (Lydia Swart and Estelle Perry, eds.), New York: Center for UN Reform Education, 2007. [Reprinted in Green Planet Blues: Four Decades of Global Environmental Politics (Ken Conca and Geoff Dabelko, eds.), Westview Press, 2010.]

Ivanova, Maria and Jennifer Roy. “The Architecture of Global Environmental Governance: Pros and Cons of Multiplicity,” (PDF) in Global Environmental Governance: Perspectives on the Current Debate, (Lydia Swart and Estelle Perry, eds.), New York: Center for UN Reform Education, 2007.

Bernstein, Steven and Maria Ivanova. “Institutional Fragmentation and Normative Compromise in Global Environmental Governance: What Prospect for Re-embedding?” (PDF) in Global Governance: Towards a New Grand Compromise? (Steven Bernstein and Louis W. Pauly, eds.) Albany: SUNY Press, 2007.

Ivanova, Maria. “Assessing the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP),” (PDF) in Meeting Global Challenges: International Cooperation in the National Interest., vol. 2 Global Commons. International Task Force on Global Public Goods. 2006. Final Report. Stockholm, Sweden.


Coordinating Lead Author (with Bernice Lee) of “Global Responses,” Chapter 10 of Global Environmental Outlook (CEO-5), landmark environmental assessment by the UN Environment Programme, forthcoming in 2012.

Ivanova, Maria. Global Environmental Governance in the 21st Century: Way Ahead Wide Open (PDF) Report from the Global Environmental Governance Forum, June 28-July 2, 2009, Glion, Switzerland. Published by the Global Environmental Governance Project.

Ivanova, Maria. Can the Anchor Hold? Rethinking the United Nations Environment Programme for the 21st Century. (PDF) New Haven, CT: Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. 2005.


Ivanova, Maria. “The Science and Politics of Global Climate Change: A Guide to the Debate” (PDF) by Andrew E. Dessler and Edward A. Parson, Global Environmental Politics, Vol. 7, 2, May 2007.

Ivanova, Maria. “An Insiders Guide to the UN” (PDF) by Linda Fasulo, Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy, Vol. 10, 2, 2007.


Ivanova, Maria. “Global Governance in the 21st Century: Rethinking the Environment Pillar,” (PDF) Stakeholder Forum Think Piece Series for the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, . Published in 2011.

Ivanova, Maria. “Global Environmental Governance Architecture: Designing a Global Environmental Mechanism” in From Rio to Johannesburg: Toward Concrete Action. Washington, DC: Heinrich Böll Foundation, 2002.

Gemmill, Barbara, Maria Ivanova and Chee Yoke Ling. “Designing a New Architecture for Global Environmental Governance,” World Summit Briefing Papers. London: International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), 2002.


Selected Publications by Craig Murphy, PhD


The UN Development Programme: A Better Way?, Cambridge University Press, received the International Studies Association’s Chadwick F. Alger prize for the best book in the field of international organization.

Global Institutions, Marginalization, and Development, Routledge.

International Organization and Industrial Change: Global Governance since 1850, Polity Press and Oxford University Press. Reprinted 2004. Portions reprinted in Paul R. Viotti.


Craig N. Murphy and JoAnne Yates, ISO 26000, Alternative Standards, and the ‘Social Movement of Engineers’ Involved with Standard-Setting, in Peter Gibbon, Stefano Ponte, and Jakob Vestergaard, eds., Governing through Standards. Palgrave Macmillan.

Lessons of a “Good” Crisis: Learning in and from the Third World, Globalizations 7(1): 195-206. Craig N. Murphy

Craig N. Murphy and JoAnne Yates, ISO and the Success of Regulation through Voluntary Consensus, in Morten Ougaard and Anna Leander, eds, Business and Global Governance. Routledge.

JoAnne Yates and Craig N. Murphy, Charles Le Maistre: Entrepreneur in International Standardization, Enterprises et Histoire, no. 51(June): 10-57.

Craig. N. Murphy and JoAnne Yates, The International Organization for Standardization (ISO): Global Governance through Voluntary Consensus, Routledge.

Agriculture, Industry, Empire, and America, in Craig Calhoun, Frederick Cooper, and Kevin W. Moore, eds, Lessons of Empire, New Press

Robert O. Keohane and Craig N. Murphy, International Institutions, in Maurice Kogan and Mary Hawkesworth, eds, Routledge Encyclopedia of Government and Politics, 2nd ed., Routledge.

Egalitarian Social Movements and New World Orders, in William Thompson, ed.,

Evolutionary World Politics, Routledge. Reprinted in Ronnie D. Lipschutz, ed. Civil Society and Social Movements, Ashgate, 2006.

Political Consequences of the New Inequality. International Studies Quarterly 45(3): 347- 56.

Craig N. Murphy and Douglas R. Nelson, International Political Economy: A Tale of Two Heterodoxies. British Journal of Politics and International Relations 3(3): 393-421.

Global Governance: Poorly Done and Poorly Understood. International Affairs 76(4): 811-24. Reprinted in Rorden Wilkinson, ed., The Global Governance Reader, Routledge, 2005.


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