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New England Chinese Language Teacher Network

The University of Massachusetts China Program Center hosts two annual conferences for teachers of Chinese Language from across New England produced in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Confucius Institute, the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS), Primary Source, and STARTALK. These partners are in a unique position to access university scholars and produce academic programs for professional development and educator licensure. Master teachers, a seasoned core of professionals from Mandarin programs across the commonwealth, lead program participants toward professional advancement in this growing field.


Each Spring and Fall, the partner organizations design Chinese Language Teacher Network Conference Programs that reflect the challenges and needs articulated by teachers in the field.

Program Topics Include:

PROPOSED: Certificate Program for Teaching Mandarin as a Foreign Language, University College

The following courses will be offered as part of STARTALK Summer Institutes. For a certificate, participants must complete 5 of the 6 courses offered. Since STARTALK takes place during summer, we anticipate a certificate taking 2-3 years to complete. In the meantime, participants gain expertise that can be taken directly into classrooms. We also welcome certified teachers of Mandarin (and those seeking certificates) to attend these courses for graduate credit and to gain a comprehensive understanding of teaching Mandarin in Public, Private and Independent Schools. The proposed courses are:

Integrating Chinese Culture into Mandarin Curriculum 
Building a Standards-Based Curriculum for Teaching Mandarin/Chinese Language

Integrating Technology into Teaching Mandarin

Teaching Practicum for Mandarin

Teaching Mandarin as a Foreign Language: Strategy and Methodology

An Approach to MTEL Success

Classroom Pedagogy and Best Practices

with university professors and master classroom teachers learn the successes of theme-based curriculum and the National Standards for Foreign Language Education

Chinese Culture and History

the integration of language and culture provides a deeper understanding of a country and its people while it prepares language learners with the customs and practices of Chinese society

Technology for Teaching and Learning Chinese

learn to integrate blogs, wikis and online resources as well as the numerous products designed for teaching Mandarin with professionals who use them everyday

Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure Training (MTEL Training)

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