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New England World Language Department Chairs Network

January 2010 news reports reveal the excitement and energy of Chinese language programs in public and private schools. (See articles from NYT and the Center for Applied Linguistics.) UMass Boston organizes discussion groups and consultation for leaders of public and private schools that have or are developing Chinese language programs. An annual New England World Language Department Chairs Seminar is produced in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Confucius Institute, the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS) and Primary Source.

The following list of services are offered by the China Program Center staff and the network of educators that we maintain:

  • Learn how to launch a Chinese language program in your school/school district
  • Exchange experiences for maintaining successful Chinese language programs
  • Network with school administrators who lead Chinese language programs
  • Access qualified Chinese language teachers
  • Learn to evaluate a Chinese language teachers and programs
  • Access opportunities to travel to China with students and teachers

Chinese Language Curriculum Advisory Committee

This committee is comprised of six experienced school administrators and classroom teachers that provide services to best understand the components for initiating Chinese language programs and for evaluating and/or improving existing programs.

Major services are:

  • Consultation in planning and establishing Chinese language programs and/or supporting an existing program
  • Consultation in designing a Chinese language curriculum and/or improving or expanding an existing curriculum
  • Assistance in recruiting qualified Chinese teachers
  • Recommending teaching materials
  • Mentoring new Chinese language teachers to improve their teaching skills and knowledge of American school culture
  • Designing and offering workshops for Chinese language teachers
  • Sharing best practices with new Chinese language teachers
  • Supporting the evaluation and supervision of Chinese language teachers
  • Evaluating your Chinese language programs

Committee members:

Yu-Lan Lin, PhD, Director of World Languages Department, Boston Public Schools
Star Chen, Chinese language teacher, Belmont Public Schools
Yuchao Meng, Chinese language teacher, Newton Public Schools
Jie Gao, Chinese language teacher, Newton Public Schools
Lina Chen, Chinese language teacher in Boston College High School
Nancy Xu, a Chinese language teacher, Boston Renaissance Charter School

China Program Center

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China Program Center
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Boston, MA 02125-3393 USA

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