Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate, and Security Program Director Deerin Babb-BrottProgram Director, Deerin Babb-Brott brings over twenty years of experience developing innovative and successful solutions to management challenges in the coastal and marine environment, with expertise in government affairs and marine policy.

The Collaborative Institute is honored to have detailed Mr. Babb-Brott to the White House to serve as director of the National Ocean Council. Mr. Babb-Brott most recently served as assistant secretary and director of the Coastal Zone Management Office at the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, where he led the planning team that developed the Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan. In addition, he led the state team that established Department of Interior wind energy development areas off the Massachusetts coast and negotiated the bilateral agreement with Rhode Island that facilitated the designation of the wind energy area off Rhode Island. Previously, he directed the environmental policy act office, where he was responsible for the environmental impact review of all major development projects in Massachusetts, including Cape Wind and offshore LNG terminals. His experience with those projects, which included evaluation of environmental and multi-sector socio-economic impacts, included negotiating $60 million in mitigation and directly informed development of the ocean plan.

Mr. Babb-Brott has also worked extensively in state coastal management issues, including port and harbor planning, protection of working waterfronts, dredged material management, and coastal development. He has served on numerous boards and commissions related to coastal and marine issues, and his work has been recognized nationally with NOAA’s Susan Snow Cotter Award for Excellence in Ocean and Coastal Resource Management and Vice President Gore’s Hammer Award for Reinventing Government, and regionally with the New England Environmental Business Council’s Paul G. Keough Environmental Award for Government Service.

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