Center for Sustainable Enterprise and Regional Competitiveness

The Center for Sustainable Enterprise and Regional Competitiveness (SERC) at the University of Massachusetts Boston is an authoritative resource and leader in building a vibrant, sustainable, and prosperous low-carbon regional economy that serves as a model to the world. It facilitates the development of the Boston region as a key hub of global low-carbon research, education, finance, professional services, and policy innovation. SERC was recently awarded a state grant of $187,000 to train “green and white collar” professionals, policymakers, and business managers for the coming clean energy economy. SERC faculty are also engaged in international collaborative research projects with funding totaling more than $1 million on topics such as drivers of organizational carbon neutrality and corporate responses to climate change in an international comparative perspective.

Affiliation to CIOCS: SERC shares CIOCS’ vision that the complexity of climate change necessitates the engagement of multiple stakeholders in research and the development and implementation of solutions. It also shares a commitment to examining the economic, social, and environmental impact of climate change on the Boston region and planning strategies to ensure a prosperous and secure future for the region. SERC resides in the College of Management and brings a business and organizational perspective to bear on the analysis of climate change in urban coastal zones.

Representatives to CIOCS:

  • Steering Committee: David Levy, Executive Director
  • Consultant: Sonia Hamel, Climate Policy Consultant

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