Urban Harbors Institute

The Urban Harbors Institute, part of the University of Massachusetts Boston, brings a well-rounded and academic approach to providing expert advice on environmental problems and issues. UHI offers technical assistance and advisory services in fields such as urban planning, coastal and harbor planning, natural resource management, marine industry master planning, water transportation and geographical information systems. Though primarily focused on urban marine and watershed issues in New England, UHI has worked with governments, non-government organizations and marine industry representatives from around the US, and internationally from countries in eastern and western Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. UHI endeavors not only to deliver superior-quality products but also to advance the art of marine and coastal management and problem-solving. As a nonprofit organization, UHI distinguishes itself by its demonstrated dedication to marine and coastal issues, and its ability to draw on the expertise of the university community.

Affiliation to CIOCS: Capitalizing on their location in Boston Harbor, the Urban Harbors Institute has played an integral role in framing the distinct marine ecosystem security considerations necessary for urban coastal zones. As a collaborator with CIOCS, the Urban Harbors Institute brings expertise on the coastal adaptation planning needs for urban areas, especially in relation to climate driven sea level rise.

Representatives to CIOCS: Steering Committee: Jack Wiggin, Director

Logo for the Urban Harbors Institute, a Collaboraor of the Collaborative Instittude for Oceans, Climante, and Security.

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Please contact CIOCS Executive Director, Robbin Peach, at robbin.peach@umb.edu.

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