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Making Connections for Informed Change

Human security, threatened by climate-induced changes in marine and coastal community ecosystems, is a national security issue not well understood. Key opinion makers and thought leaders need to influence and shape public and market policies at the local, regional and international levels by better understanding, communicating and preparing for responsible adaptation to the climate/ocean threat multipliers.

The Collaborative Institute, therefore, aims to:

  • work with key influencers and decision makers to strengthen the understanding of the human and national security implications of changing oceans and climates
  • inform policy decisions through the application of sound scientific research and technology, demonstrated through place-based pilot projects.

It will accomplish these goals:

  • by designing and participating in strategic convenings and communications
  • by researching and developing technologies that will inform place-based pilots
  • by educating stakeholders on the complex interdependencies of oceans, climate, and human security

Through these measures, the Collaborative Institute can impact and influence the global discourse on climate change while proposing coastal adaptation measures that will secure human and national security.

Global Conference on Oceans, Climate & Security

Representatives from sixteen countries, seventeen U.S. states, and many regional and local residents came together in Boston at GC ‘12.
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