Congressional Medal of Honor

Boston War Memorials

    Medal of Honor Convention, held in Boston in September 2015

    This site was produced by the University of Massachusetts Boston, Office of Community Relations (Philip Carver, Gail Hobin), Office of Veterans Affairs (Augusto St. Silva, Matthew Seto), the English Department (Prof Erin Anderson, Gemma Leghorn, Prof Jill McDonough) , the School for the Environment (Kara Wiggin, Angela Erb, Dr. Qingsong Sun, Prof. Crystal Schaaf) and the UMB IT Department in honor of the Medal of Honor Convention, held in Boston in September 2015. Special thanks to Congressional Medal of Honor recipients Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts, Colonel Jack Jacobs, Colonel Harvey Barnum, Captain Thomas Kelley, and Captain Thomas Hudner for their incredible stories and contributions.

    The South Boston Medal of Honor Audio Walk was produced by student veterans Lancelot Chamberlain, Merita Dallta, Halana Espindula da Cunha, Shelita Hayes, Nathanael Haynes, Nathan Heilman, Casandra Najdul, Caleb Nelson, Marc Purdham, Joseph Satterthwaite, Scott Stroh, and Christopher Weindorf as part of the course "Oral History and the Veteran Experience" taught by Prof. Erin Anderson.