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Read our latest Benchmark Diversity Survey. This is the third report and covers the span of five years. Managing Up: Managing Diversity in Challenging Times (2013, PDF)


Previous Benchmark reports:

Facing Up: Managing Diversity in Challenging Times (2010, PDF)
Facing Up: Key Findings (2010, doc)

Stepping Up: Managing Diversity in Challenging Times 
(May 2009) (PDF)
Stepping Up: Key Findings of the Benchmarks Data Analysis 
(2009, PDF)

In its first year, Commonwealth Compact received Benchmarks data from 111 organizations. Information from individual organizations is guaranteed confidential but the data was aggregated and an analysis, report, Stepping Up, was released in May of 2009.

Overall, persons of color represent 34% of all employees in the group, an encouraging number, but the report also pointed to many steps that could improve the numbers:

  • While 97% of CEOs said they are actively engaged in diversity efforts, only 49% said they were satisfied with the diversity of their leadership team.
  • In the healthcare and for-profit sector, the proportion of minority employees in lower level jobs was more than double the proportion in manager or officer positions.  The education sector did better, but the proportion there was only slightly less than double.
  • In general, the stronger the mechanism to push diversity goals, the less likely it was to be used.  An organization was far more likely to advertise for a job opening in an ethnic newspaper than to require that the pool of candidates contain at least one person of color.
  • Fewer than half of the organizations had specific programs for reaching out to minority or female-owned vendors.  Still, the author of the report and the leaders of the Commonwealth Compact agree that the willingness of so many organizations to collect and submit data indicates an appetite in Massachusetts to face diversity issues squarely, and make real progress.

A Seat at the Table? Racial/Ethnic & Gender Diversity on Corporate, Hospital, Education,Cultural & State Boards (May 2007, PDF)
by Carol Hardy-Fanta and Donna Stewartson, Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy

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