Contracts & Compliance


  • University of Massachusetts Boston Terms and Conditions (.doc)
  • Account Codes (.pdf)
  • Account Commodity-most commonly used (.pdf)
  • Certificate of Exemption ST-2 (.pdf)
  • Contract for Services Terms and Conditions (.pdf) Need Adobe Pro 7.0 or greater
  • Contract for Services Sample (.pdf
  • Contract for Services Instructions for the Terms and Conditions (.pdf)
  • Disbursement Voucher (Controller's Form)
  • Employment Status Form (.pdf)
  • Guidelines for Work Related Employee Supplies and Services (.pdf)
  • Intellectual Property Rights (.pdf)
  • Liability Insurance Requirements for Small Procurement (.pdf)
  • No Bid Justification Form for Goods and Services (.doc)
  • Sales Tax Exempt Form ST-5 (.pdf)
  • Scope of Services-Attachment A (.doc)
  • Sub-Contract Terms and Conditions (.doc)
  • UMass Boston Credit Info (.pdf)
  • UMass Boston Credit Hotel Info (.pdf)
  • UMW9 Boston Rev.2012 (.pdf)
  • University Tax ID Form-W9 (.pdf)
  • Vendors Information Form (.xlsx)

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