About Us

The Center for Peace, Democracy and Development (CPDD) promotes conflict resolution, democracy, economic development, education building, media development, and legal and judicial reform through partnerships and training programs across the globe.

The CPDD is dedicated to advancing peace, democracy, the rule of law, and economic and social development in post-communist, transitional, and developing areas abroad. Working with local partners, we focus on:

  • Assisting in peace building and conflict resolution
  • Helping judiciaries becomes more transparent and effective
  • Promoting greater educational, health, and economic opportunities
  • Strengthening government and civil society

In a world no longer dominated by states, ‘ordinary’ people are increasingly able to have extraordinary impacts on peace, democracy and development efforts. We seek creative solutions to empower peace and development actors in fractured societies to address their complex divisions, reinforcing the commitment to principles of peace and reconciliation, building democracy “from the bottom up."  

To achieve these goals, we offer practical expertise across the spectrum of conflict management and democratic governance. Guided by academic research and evaluation, we choose strategic partners and intervention points in order to have maximal impact and to provide models for policy makers to spur more comprehensive policy or government actions, if necessary. Fundamental to our mission, we mentor the next generation of peace and democracy builders from the UMass Boston student body who actively participate in many of our initiatives.

Key themes in our work:

  • Interfaith and inter-ethnic peace building
  • Environmental conflict prevention
  • Strengthening democratic governance and the rule of law
  • Global health policy
  • Communications and independent media development
  • Supporting higher education in developing countries

Center for Peace, Democracy, and Development

Healey Library, 10th Floor, Room 12
University of Massachusetts Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125 USA

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