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Key Messages

A critical element of the UMass Boston Brand Manual is a set of five “key messages” about distinctive features and qualities of the university that are particularly valuable to its constituencies and, taken together, make UMass Boston stand out among its competitors.

Below you can find the message statements, together with information about activities and accomplishments that give substance to the messages. This material will be refreshed and enhanced at intervals. If you are using the messages to make a case for UMass Boston among potential friends of the university, do not hesitate to draw upon it to support your points—or to add compelling examples from your own experience.

Message #1

UMass Boston is a major academic enterprise—a research university with strong doctoral and master’s degree programs, a full range of opportunities for undergraduates, highly regarded research centers, and a history of bringing intellectual resources to bear on issues of public concern, particularly through interdisciplinary research focused on complex urban problems. Graduate enrollment has grown, and research funding has dramatically increased, particularly in the social sciences. The university expects these trends to continue.

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Message #2

UMass Boston is “a research university with a teaching soul.” As its academic reputation grows, it steadfastly delivers a student-centered education that is not commonly associated with major public universities. Faculty members have strong research and publishing credentials, but teaching is a key priority for all faculty. And UMass Boston students have daily access to faculty, since most teaching happens in small classrooms—not giant lecture halls.

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Message #3

UMass Boston’s urban location is a key part of the student experience. Attending an institution in a leading city with a high density of colleges and universities adds a level of energy, creativity, culture, sophistication, diversity, and complexity to the student experience that isn’t found in suburban or rural institutions. The city is the source of many internship, employment, community service, and research opportunities for students. Finally, living in an urban environment helps UMass Boston students understand their roles as citizens in actively engaging with the complex issues they encounter.

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Message #4

UMass Boston is Boston’s only public university. While Boston is attractive to many consumers of expensive private higher education, only UMass Boston is unequivocally committed to meeting the needs of students who want high-quality, university-level education that is also accessible, convenient, and affordable, in the extraordinary educational environment Boston has to offer.

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Message #5

Since its founding, UMass Boston has chosen to actively engage with and serve its community. It does this through academic programs, from nursing and education to management and computer science, which benefit all members of society. It does this through research that develops new models for dealing with complex urban issues and then works closely with community and governmental organizations to apply them. And it does this by leveraging the diversity of its student body and faculty to increase discovery, creativity, and innovation. The urban environment is the environment of the future, and UMass Boston is confidently at home in this environment, enriching its quality and, at the same time, drawing life and strength from it.

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