Review Committee

To aid in resolving issues that may arise as new guidelines are applied— in the use of logos, for example— the university has established a brand review committee whose members are familiar with the marketing ideas embodied in the brand manual. If you wish to bring an issue to the attention of this committee, please discuss it first with one of the members, who are:

Lisa Johnson

DeWayne Lehman

Sarah Weatherbee

Normally the committee will not be involved in decisions about how to implement the brand manual guidelines. Rather, it will address situations in which a university unit feels a need to identify one or more of its projects in a way that appears to be inconsistent with those guidelines. Strict construction will be the rule, but the committee will consider exceptions that are consistent with the manual’s principles.

The committee will address issues case by case, and will make every effort to respond within a few days.

If you disagree with the committee’s response, and you believe that you can demonstrate that the course you want to follow is consistent with the principles of the brand manual, you may address a written appeal to the committee. In such cases, the committee’s membership will expand to include the vice chancellor for enrollment management and the associate vice chancellor for government relations and public affairs. The committee’s ruling on appeals will be final.