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What to Expect


The CREST REU programs offer undergraduate students the opportunity to:

  • Carry out an independent research project in marine or sustainability science.

  • Work closely with a faculty advisor, advanced graduate student, and/or a research group.

  • Develop laboratory, field, or community engagement skills

  • Develop a cohort and networking skills.

  • Exchange ideas with students and faculty at weekly seminars.

  • Participate in field trips/social events in and around Boston Harbor.

  • Present summer research as a poster at a program wide symposium at the end of the program.

Students in the CREST REU program are expected to:

  • Treat the internship as a full-time job, and arrive to campus each day on time.

  • Act responsibly when using research equipment and supplies and help maintain clean and orderly research areas.

  • Work independently on a research project with appropriate guidance from their mentor.

  • Be active participants in all aspects of the REU program including attending workshops and professional development activities.  

On my first day of the program, I was worried about making mistakes and not understanding my research. By the end of the program, I was able to communicate the importance of my thesis clearly and confidently with much passion. This opportunity is not only a great way spend your summer, but also network with great fellow mentors and mentees dedicated to helping you succeed in your research.
Alex, Bunker Hill Community College, 2019 CREST-REU scholar

Coastal Research in Environmental Science and Technology

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