Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters

Reconstruction with Vulnerable Populations after the Cameras Have Gone

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The Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters is the only institution of its kind dedicated to raising awareness and possessing the expertise necessary for long-term sustainable reconstruction.

CRSCAD truly encompasses the multidisciplinary approach to sustainability and disaster relief.

Examples of disasters are framed by: bad governance and poverty, environmental pollution, HIV/AIDS, wars and conflicts, severe weather-related events, earthquakes, large-scale attacks on civilian populations, technological catastrophes, and influenza pandemics.

We accomplish our mission, in part, by:

  • Engaging in multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research activities
  • Assisting local, national and international agencies as well as the victims of disasters to develop practical, sustainable and long-term solutions to the social, economic and environmental consequences of disasters
  • Providing expert advice and training to communities which have been devastated by disasters
  • Training post-disaster managers worldwide for the challenges of the 21st century through an 18-credit graduate certificate program and three, non-credit, professional development certificates, offered in conjunction with UMass Boston's College of Advancing and Professional Studies (CAPS)

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