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Cecile de Milliano

PhD Research Fellow, Humanitarian Action and Conflict Studies Network (HUMCRICON), University College Dublin (UCD, Ireland)


Additional Information

Cecile de Milliano is currently a Marie Curie, PhD research fellow in the Humanitarian Action and Conflict Studies Network (HUMCRICON) at the University College Dublin (UCD, Ireland). She holds a MS and MA in Humanitarian Action. Her MS was completed in 2005 at the faculty of ‘Social and Behavioural Science’ at the University of Groningen. She participated in a research project for the Dutch Ministry of Education at the University of Helsinki (Finland), and therefore specializes in gender equality.

Because of de Milliano’s strong interest in theories and concepts on natural and man-made disasters, she enrolled in graduate school. Her studies allowed her to enroll in three different universities in the Netherlands, Ireland, and South Africa, and focus on policies of humanitarian action and disaster risk reduction.

She gained practical experience through an internship at the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Zimbabwe in 2006 and through a position as project manager at Streetwise Direct Dialogue—a fundraising organization for NGOs in the Netherlands—in 2007. Thereafter, over a 7 month period, de Milliano performed an evaluation for a network of eleven organizations on the definition and effects of child participation in an informal urban settlement in Ecuador.

In March 2008 de Milliano started her PhD research, which aims to get a deeper understanding of the perceptions of children on their vulnerabilities and coping strategies in natural disasters.

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