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Eileen McHenry

  • Executive Director, Romanian Children’s Relief, Massachusetts
  • Telephone: 617.287.7116

Additional Information

Eileen McHenry is the Executive Director of Romanian Children’s Relief. During her 12-year tenure, RCR has been awarded two USAID grants and was selected as the “Best Practice in Foster Care” at the Romanian National Child Welfare Conference in 2003.

Through strategic partnerships and well-developed volunteer programs, RCR leverages its $250,000 annual income to support and mentor 22 Romanian staff and 400 volunteers serving more than 500 children in foster care, institutions, and those with special needs.

McHenry joined RCR as a volunteer after adopting her oldest daughter from Romania in 1990. She took over as part-time paid Executive Director in 1998. She has also worked in Special Education since 1993, first as a trained Parent Advocate for Special Education in New York State. Later she served as Chairman of the Special Education Parent Advisory Council for the Northborough-Southborough (MA) school district. For three years she coordinated “Understanding our Differences,” a special education interactive training and awareness program for 4th grade students, teachers, and parents.

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