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Jane O’Brien Friedrichs

Jane O’Brien Friederichs is dean of social sciences and professional studies at MassBay Community College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. She also currently serves as regional representative for the Northeastern region of OMEP. Her doctorate, in Comparative and International Education from the University of London, and was a study of the impact on Hong Kong school children of the socio-political changes involved in decolonization with out independence.

Her career as an educator has been in four institutions of higher education in four different societies. Each of these experiences contributed, from different cultural perspectives, to an appreciation for the essential relationship between the nature of the community and the quality of life of its members.

Originally from Boston MA, her teaching career began at the Chinese Universe of Hong Kong where she served as faculty in the Department Education. Six years in Hong Kong was an immersion in a complex and effective community–one sustained by shared values and a willingness to cooperate to overcome obstacles. Following four years in Germany as faculty of educational psychology with the University of Maryland, she served as faculty and later administrator at Richmond International University in London, an institution which is truly multicultural and international. Students from over 100 countries, with no national group in the majority, led to reflections on methods of building community and of sustaining the valuable elements the community.

O’Brien Friederichs has presented at numerous international conferences and published on the intercultural and multicultural classroom, technology and culture, and well as the impact of socio-political change on schools.

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