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2011 Workshop: Innovation, Diversity and Sustainable Development in Areas of Social Vulnerability

November 17-18, 2011


Workshop Overview

The concept of social vulnerability has been associated with a number of factors that bind the socio-economic, environmental, cultural and psychological connected to exposure of poorer social groups to risks in areas of environmental degradation and lacking of public policy. Social vulnerability refers both to these risks and to the lack of strategies for addressing them. This workshop aimed to discuss strategies for the empowerment of residents in the areas of social vulnerability and the implementation of public policies with a sustainable basis, in such areas. We were interested in examining the following issues, amongst others:

  • Development of strategies for sustainable development in areas of social vulnerability
  • How the cultural, racial, sexual, ethnic diversity, etc. could be used as a positive variable for the construction of strategies for empowerment and for the creation of resources for counteracting various forms of humiliation that affect the people living in these areas
  • The development of strategies for research and creation of indicators that can supply policy makers with information relevant to the proposal for public policies.
  • Development of strategies for mobilizing resources for projects which are focused on these topics
  • Development of strategies for training leaders for sustainable development.

Key Workshop Topics

The conference addressed the following main issues:

  • Strategies for sustainable development in areas of social vulnerability
  • Strategies for population empowerment and the elimination of humiliations connected to social vulnerability and/or gender, age, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation and disabilities
  • Children and youth care and empowerment in areas of social vulnerability
  • Strategies for sustainable urbanization against flooding and other kind of disasters due to climate change or lack of public policies
  • Establishing indicators of social vulnerability and sustainable development
  • Strategies for fund-raising to assist in the development of vulnerable areas before and after disasters

International Workshop Examines Post-Disaster Rebuilding in Japan and Global Social Vulnerabilities

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