Iraq: Policies, Programs and Projects (2007)

​This conference took place in 2007.

Conference Overview

From July 23-26, 2007, the College hosted numerous guests as part of the conference Rebuilding Sustainable Communities in Iraq, including Raja'a Al-Khuzai, president of the National Council and former member of the Iraqi Governing Council; Riadh Tappuni, architect, urban planner director, Development & Design International Former Coordinator of the Iraq Task Force & Leader of the Urban Development & Housing Policies Team at the United Nations Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia; and Deputy Minister Beriwan M. Khailany, Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Bagdad, Iraq.

Conference Objectives

In 2004, the World Bank and the United Nations established the International Reconstruction Fund Facility for Iraq to help "donor nations channel their resources and coordinate their support for reconstruction and development in Iraq." Similarly, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has expressed its commitment to support Iraqis in rebuilding their country by carrying out "programs in education, health care, food security, infrastructure reconstruction, airport and seaport management, economic growth, community development, local governance, and transition initiatives." The central objective of this conference was to provide an intellectual forum for scholars and practitioners to explore how these tasks could be carried out in a manner that promotes social justice, economic and political sustainability, and full participation of all stakeholders. The outcomes of the conference deliberations will be used to help policy makers to formulate and implement the most appropriate policies, as well as embark upon innovative sustainable projects.

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