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Thrive For Shriver 2024 - Support Camp Shriver!

Help Camp Shriver Thrive by Participating in one of our Challenges!


Join Camp Shriver for the 2024 Thrive for Shriver Challenge! We challenge you to join us for one or more of our series of activities beginning in February to raise funds for Camp Shriver. Your donation will directly support our campers, as Camp Shriver scales back up to our pre-pandemic levels of serving 120-140 campers, 50% with a disability, this summer! Additionally, a donation to our Thrive for Shriver campaign will help support our Boston Marathon program, ensuring that Camp Shriver continues our strong partnership with the Boston Athletic Association with a team in the marathon.

We Challenge You: To serve at capacity, we need your help. Your challenge is to join #ThriveForShriver for one or more of our events this year and help our campers thrive!

There is something for everyone: host Football Playoff squares in February, plan a trivia night, train for a half-marathon, and more! Give or personally raise $25-$1,000 for our campers and make sure that Camp Shriver can welcome as many children as possible this summer. How can you #ThriveForShriver?

Our challenges are open for registration and we invite you to learn more today. Interested in joining us for a future event? Email Not interested in an event, but still want to help? Make a donation directly to Camp Shriver and support our campers today!

All donations will directly support our campers as part of our athletic event individual giving annual campaign.


Center for Social Development and Education

10th Floor, Healey Library,
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Boston, MA 02125 USA

Current Challenges

Football Playoff Squares for Camp Shriver 

What: Host squares for your friends and family as part of your football champion celebrations! Camp Shriver will provide materials and tutorial on how to set up squares for interested individuals. Interested? Contact!

Create Your Own Signature Event

What: There are so many excellent fundraisers that our volunteers love. What was your FAVORITE fun fundraiser for Camp Shriver? Make it your SIGNATURE EVENT and host it YEARLY for Camp Shriver!

When: Whenever you wish! Plan on your schedule, anytime befween January and April!

Some Ideas: Host a bake sale, create some Camp Shriver ridiculousness (if you can raise $1,000 in 1 week, you will: wear a costume in a 5K, dye your hair, eat an insect/gallon of icecream, etc.), partner with a company that gives Camp Shriver a percentage of the day's sales, host a party (e.g. candles, tuppaware, leggings, jewelry), or whatever makes you happy!

Past Challenges


What: Join Camp Shriver for a fun, fascinating night with prizes for the top teams and give-aways for all participants!  

How To:

  1. Gather your team of 4-6 friends and choose your Team Name.
  2. Discuss your team pledge of at least $100.
  3. Contact Barbara Gildea to register your team and complete your donation.
  4. Join us for a night of facts, fun and fundraising for our campers!

March Madness Camp Shriver 

What: Using one of the many sites that organize March Madness pool, friends and family make a donation to Camp Shriver to participate and submit their own bracket. Winners split the pool with Camp Shriver!

Camp Shriver Fun Run, Walk & Roll!

What: Run for our Campers! Choose a distance and a day to have your own fun run for Camp Shriver!

How To:

  1. Register with Camp Shriver and make your pledge (a minimum of donation of $35). 
  2. Choose a day and race length to complete your own (socially distant) run and post pictures with the hashtag #ThriveForShriver!
  3. Spread enthusiasm and awareness for Camp Shriver, fundraise, train and run!


Want to Learn More? Do you have a great idea for an event in this series? Join our volunteer team, comprised of runner and staff alumni! Email for more information.