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What is the Social Skills Tools for Teachers?

The Social Skills Tools for Teachers represents a new approach for delivering instruction in social thinking skills.

Instead of offering a curriculum with specific social skills lessons, the tools help you add a social skills dimension to all that you do throughout your instructional day.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

 Integrate social skills and academic instruction through preplanned lessons.
 Amplify the impact of preplanned instruction through impromptu responses to naturally occurring social problem situations.
 Add a social skills dimension to the culture of the classroom by enhancing the classroom environment and routines.

The tools provide you with everything you need in order to transform your classroom into a social skills learning enriched environment.

Contact Social Skills Tools for Teachers

To speak to someone about Tools for Teachers, please email:

Mary Brady
Center for Social Development and Education
UMass Boston

Center for Social Development and Education

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