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Navigating the PDF


Look for a tab at the upper left of your screen that says “Bookmarks," and click on it. You will find a list of the sections and convenient links that you can click on to take you back and forth wherever you want.

Find What You Need Chart

One of the bookmarks takes you to the “Find What You Need” page. This page graphically organizes the entire suite of tools by key categories, such as “social thinking skills” model components and different instructional practice opportunities, and is densely populated with links to places in the tools that relate to each category.

bookmarks expanded in Acrobat


Embedded Links

A third way to navigate the suite of tools is to simply scroll through them, from front to back, beginning with the next page, which is the title page. As a further aid to getting where you want, we’ve placed links within the tools that take you from one location to another that is relevant. These are very much like the secret passageways in the game “Clue” that take players from one room to another. Some of these links are embedded in the text; others are at the top right of the page, within a gray-shaded bar.


Center for Social Development and Education

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