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Françoise Carré, PhD

Research Director, Center for Social Policy


photo of Françoise  Carré

Areas of Expertise

Applied labor economics and employment relations; Comparative employment systems; Low-wage work and social policies; Non-standard employment; Labor market intermediaries and workforce development


PhD, Urban and Regional Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professional Publications & Contributions

Additional Information

Françoise Carré is the research director at the Center for Social Policy (CSP), a policy research and evaluation center with a primary focus on policies addressing poverty, joblessness, and low-wages in Massachusetts, nationally, and internationally. Her policy relevant work includes studies of community-based job brokers in the U.S. (Mott Foundation) as well as research on international statistics and representation issues for informal workers in developing countries.

Carré currently serves on the international scientific council for a French multi-university and cross-disciplinary research cluster focused on work (GESTES) where she partakes in the selection of post-doctoral and doctoral grants.

She received her PhD in urban and regional studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S.A.). She has undergraduate degrees in economics from Wellesley College (U.S.A.; Phi Beta Kappa) and Université Paris IX Dauphine (France).

Her work has been published in the British Journal of Industrial Relations; Work, Employment, and Society; Interventions Economiques; Women in Management Review; and the New England Journal of Public Policy. She has authored and co-authored numerous book chapters published by the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, Russell Sage Foundation, Cornell University Press, Routledge, Sage Publications, the Policy Press, and Palgrave.

Her research has been funded by the C. S. Mott Foundation, Ford Foundation, Russell Sage Foundation, the Gould Foundation for the Paris School of Economics, and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Recent examples of her CSP work include:  “Why Use the Services of Alternative Staffing Organizations: Perspectives from Customer Businesses.” 2012,  Finding the Right Fit: How Alternative Staffing Affects Worker Outcomes.  2011 and “So Far From God, So Close to the United States,  and yet…:  Unexpected Differences in Modern Retail Jobs between Mexico and the United States,” 2013. Françoise Carré and Chris Tilly. Revue Interventions Economiques.

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