Center for Social Policy

at the University of Massachusetts Boston

Faculty & Staff

Jean McGuire, PhD

  • Senior Research Fellow, Center for Social Policy
  • Telephone: 617.287.3931

Additional Information

McGuire has a 35-year history in building, managing, analyzing, and advocating for health and human services for people with disabilities and other low-income individuals. Her work has traversed diverse content arenas including public health and infectious diseases prevention and management, including drug development efforts; health and long-term care system and financing issues; and employment services and workforce development for diverse populations. Her research has focused on system-level interventions in public health, health, and long-term care. In her current capacity at the center, McGuire is leading several disability-related long-term care development and financing analytic and technical assistance activities locally and nationally.  She also chairs the MA Department of Public Health's Institutional Review Board. Immediately before coming to UMass Boston, McGuire was Assistant Secretary for the Executive Office of Health and Human Services.