Center for Social Policy

at the University of Massachusetts Boston

Faculty & Staff

Michael E. Stone, PhD

  • Senior Research Fellow, Center for Social Policy Professor of Community Planning, Community Studies, and Public Policy, College of Public and Community Service
  • Telephone: 617.287.7264
  • Fax: 617.287.7274


PhD, Princeton University

Additional Information

For more than 40 years, Professor Stone has been involved in teaching, research, policy analysis, program development, technical assistance and advocacy on housing, living standards and participatory planning. He is the author of more than 50 reports, articles, and chapters, and four books, including Shelter Poverty: New Ideas on Housing Affordability, which has been called “the definitive book on housing and social justice in the United States.” Stone also coauthored/coedited A Right to Housing: Foundation for a New Social Agenda, which has been called “a landmark in progressive housing thought.”