Staff Publications


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Authors: Lisa Dodson, Françoise Carré, and Linda Meric

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Authors: Randy Albelda and Michael Carr


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Authors: Lisa Conley, Brandynn Holgate, Randy Albelda, Shannon O’Malley


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Chapter Author: Françoise Carré

"(In)dependent Contractor Misclassification."
 Economic Policy Institute Briefing Paper No. 403. June 8, 2015.
 Author: Françoise Carré

           "Responses to Rising Family Homelessness in Massachusetts."
           Scholars Strategy Network Key Findings. February 2015.
           Author: Marija Bingulac


"To Reduce Inequality, Use Well-Structured Regulations to Make Markets Work Better for Everyone."
Scholars Strategy Network Basic Facts. December 2014.
Author: Arthur MacEwan

"Location, Location, Location: The Life of a Refugee Street Barber in Durban, South Africa."
WIEGO Workers' Lives Series No 5. June 2014.
Author: Françoise Carré

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Authors: Françoise Carré, Chris Tilly, and Chris Bonner

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Authors: Joann Vanek, Martha Chen, Françoise Carré, James Heintz, and Ralf Hussmanns.

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Chapter Authors: Françoise Carré,  Joaquín Herranz, Jr., and Silvia Dorado.


"Reinforcing the Safety Net: Explaining the Propensity for and Intensity of Nonprofit-Local Government Collaboration."
State and Local Government Review , vol.45, no.4, pp.283-295
Author:Heather MacIndoe

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Chapter Authors: Françoise Carré with Brandynn Holgate

“Defining and Categorizing Organizations of Informal Workers in Developing and Developed Countries.”
WIEGO Organizing Brief No. 8. September 2013.
Author: Françoise Carré

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Authors: Donna Haig Friedman, Katherine Calano, Marija Bingulac, Christine Miller, and Alisa Zeliger

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Chapter Author: Françoise Carré

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John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, University of Massachusetts Boston. May 2013.
Author: Helen Levine

“So Far From God, So Close to the United States, and yet…: Unexpected Differences in Modern Retail Jobs between Mexico and the United States”
Revue Interventions Economiques/Economic Interventions, vol.47, February 2013, pp.1-21.
Authors: Françoise Carré and Chris Tilly

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Chapter Authors:  Françoise Carré and James Heintz

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Author: Arthur MacEwan


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Authors: Mary Coonan and Terry Sanders Lane

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Authors: Randy Albelda and Michael Carr

Five Chapter Contribution in Bridging Perspectives: The Cornell-SEWA-WIEGO Dialogue Programme on Labour, Informal Employment and Poverty.  India: SEWA, 2012.
Book Editors: Bali, Namrata, Martha Chen, and Ravi Kanbur
Chapters Author: Françoise Carré

Working in Large Food Retailers in France and the USA: The Key Role of Institutions
Work, Employment & Society, vol, 26, 4, pp. 588-605.
Authors: Philippe Askezazy, Jean-Baptiste Berry, Françoise Carré, Sophie Prunier-Poulmaire, and Chris Tilly

Part-Time and Short Hours in Retail in the United States, Canada, and Mexico: How Institutions Matter
W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. Employment Research Newsletter, vol. 19, 4.
Authors: Françoise Carré and Chris Tilly

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Authors: Françoise Carré and Chris Tilly

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Authors: Françoise Carré and Chris Tilly

Are Bad Jobs Inevitable? Trends, Determinants and Responses to Job Quality in the Twenty-First Century. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN: 9780230336919.
Editors: Chris Warhurst, Françoise Carré, Patricia Findlay, and Chris Tilly


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Authors: Arthur MacEwan and John A. Miller


"Introduction: Shared Responsibility, Collective Reflection" in New England Journal of Public Policy
Special issue: Social Change & Nonprofits: Learning beyond Borders, Spring 2010, pp. 25-35.
Author: Donna Haig Friedman

"A Complex Web, A Collective Process to Advance Social Justice" in New England Journal of Public Policy. Special issue: Social Change & Nonprofits: Learning beyond Borders, Spring 2010, pp. 151-156
Authors: Donna Haig Friedman, Jennifer Cohen, Amnon Reichman, and James Morgan

Book Review: Formal and Informal Work: The Hidden Work Regime in Europe in Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews, November 24, 2010; vol. 39, 6, pp. 732-733.
Book Editors: Birgit Pfau-Effinger, Lluís Flaquer, and Per H. Jensen
Review Author: Françoise Carré

"Quelles Politiques pour la Citoyenneté au Travail?" (Translation: "What Public Policies for 'Citizenship at Work'?") in Travail et Citoyenneté. Quel Avenir? (Translation: Work and Citizenship: What Future?). Quebec, CA, Le Presses de l'Université Laval 2010. ISBN: 978-2-7637-8771-8.
Book Editors: Michel Coutu and Gregor Murray
Chapter Author: Françoise Carré

"To Work More or Not to Work More: Difficult Choices, Complex Decisions for Low-Wage Parents"
In Journal of Poverty, vol. 14, 3, pp. 245-265.
Authors: Randy Albelda and Jennifer Shea

"Unlevel Playing Fields: Understanding Wage Inequality and Discrimination", 3rd Edition
Dollars & Sense, Real World Economics, January 2010. ISBN: 978-1-878585-95-0.
Authors: Randy Albelda, Robert Drago, and Steven Shulman, Economic Affairs Bureau

"Retail Jobs in Comparative Perspective" in Low-Wage Work in the Wealthy World. New York, Russell Sage Foundation, October 2009. ISBN: 978-0-87154-061-4.
Book Editors: Jerôme Gautié and John Schmitt
Chapter Authors: Françoise Carré, Chris Tilly, Maarten van Klaveren, and Dorothea Voss-Dahm


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Book Editors: Quazi Shahbabuddin and Rushidan Islam Rahman
Chapter Author: Arthur MacEwan

"Glass Ceilings and Bottomless Pits: Women's Work, Women's Poverty" in Feminist Economics: Critical Concepts, Volume 2: Households, Labor, and Paid Work, Routledge, November 2009, Part 10, pp. 1 - 17
ISBN: 978-0-415-43916-9.
Book Editors: Drucilla Barker and Edith Kuiper
Chapter Authors: Randy Albelda and Chris Tilly