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Political Progress for New England Women

Often considered to be a relatively politically progressive region of the country, New England has a mixed record when it comes to women’s political representation.

Out of the 1,554 cities and towns in New England, 565 of them had no women serving on their local governing bodies. With more than one third (36%) of municipalities in New England lacking women on their city council and boards of selectmen/aldermen, women’s representation at the local level remains far from parity across the region.

State Total Number of Cities/Towns Lacking Women on Governing Body Percentage Cities/Towns
New England Cities and Towns with No Women on Municipal Governing Bodies, 2014
Connecticut 170 41 24.1%
Maine 489 189 38.7%
Massachusetts 351 111 31.6%
New Hampshire 234 101 43.2%
Rhode Island 39 8 20.5%
Vermont 271 115 42.4%
New England Region 1554 565 36.4%

Source: Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy analysis of data from state municipal directories.


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Gender Parity Ratios*
New England, 2014

State Legislative Parity Municipal Parity
CT 0.56 0.55
ME 0.58 0.44
MA 0.48 0.42
NH 0.65 0.41
RI 0.51 0.49
VT 0.80 0.40
*Gender parity ratio is defined as the percentage of females in a given elected office as a ratio of their percentage in the population