Research Projects

Political Representation

Documenting and assessing the status of political leadership for women and communities of color is at the core of the center’s research activities and entails several specific projects.

Criminal Justice and Corrections

Center research has addressed some of the most pressing issues facing the growing female offender population including challenges related to sustaining family ties during and after incarceration and the multi-faceted needs of substance-abusing offenders.

Employment, Education, and Economic Status

The center has contributed to public policy development and analysis in the broad area of women’s employment and economic status, with a particular focus on education and training opportunities for welfare recipients, retirement benefits for state employees, wage equity, family and medical leave, and homelessness.

Health and Reproductive Rights

Center researchers address the healthcare needs of women with specific attention to racial and ethnic disparities, the healthcare workforce, mental health and reproductive health issues.


Support Our Work

Financial donations help to enhance the Center’s capacity to promote women’s leadership and empower women throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.

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