Midwifery Workforce & Public Policy Initiative

This center initiative analyzes the midwifery workforce in Massachusetts and New England in the context of public policy development. It aims to generate analyses based on research studies and strategy forums to inform public policies related to the role of midwives in the health care system. In accordance with the Center’s mission to conduct research that makes a difference in women’s lives, the initiative seeks to improve the lives of women who serve in paid caregiving roles as midwives and women who are care recipients by ensuring the availability of high-quality, cost-effective health care options and care providers for all populations of women.

The Massachusetts Midwifery Workforce Profile Project

The Massachusetts Midwifery Workforce Profile Project documents the composition of the midwifery workforce in Massachusetts health care system. A survey of midwives residing and/or working in Massachusetts, supplemented by in-depth interviews, led to the development of a  profile detailing the demographic characteristics of midwives, their compensation and practice structures, scope of practice, training and education, and the communities and populations they serve. The project report, Caring for Women: A Profile of the Midwifery Workforce in Massachusetts, was released in April 2011.

Midwifery Care in New England: Addressing the Needs of Underserved and Diverse Communities of Women

In September 2010, the Center convened two regional roundtable sessions of midwives and other health care stakeholders from across New England to address challenges and opportunities related to the provision of midwifery care to underserved populations and communities of women. This project was funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health (Region I) and a grant from the March of Dimes–Massachusetts Chapter.

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Gender and Multicultural Leadership Project

The Gender and Multicultural Leadership Project (GMCL) is a national study of America’s political leadership in the 21st century, with a focus on race, ethnicity, and gender.

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