UMass Boston

Small Office & Furniture Moves

To request assistance with simple office and furniture moves, please complete the Office and Furniture Move Request Form. Once received, a member of the Event Services staff will contact you to review the details. Please keep in mind the following when submitting your request:

  • Requests must be submitted (5) business days in advance of the preferred move date.
  • Boxes and furniture should be labeled to indicate the building name and room number where it is being moved.
  • All shelves, desks, and furniture must be completely emptied before the move is scheduled. It is not necessary to empty file cabinets.
  • Event Services staff can only move university property and are not permitted to move IT equipment, including computers, fax, and copy machines.
  • Event Services staff are not permitted to move personal furniture, pictures, plants, etc. You will be responsible for moving any personal items. We are unable to assist with hanging pictures or assembling furniture.
  • Complex moves involving multiple staff and/or offices may require the requesting department to contract professional movers. Event Services staff will not dismantle or relocate modular furniture units. 
  • If furniture must be removed from an office to accommodate painting or new carpet, please indicate where the furniture can be temporarily stored. Note, furniture cannot be stored in a hallway. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you temporary storage options.

You may wish to contact the following departments if your move involves:


Please contact Event Services if you have any questions.