Completed Projects

The Project Management group in the Facilities Department coordinates all projects involving new campus construction and renovation. Below you will find a chronological list of projects that were completed in the past.


Clark Center Gymnasium Renovation
Completed November 2012

Catherine Forbes Clark Convocation and Recreation Center

The gymnasium in the Clark Athletic Center, now called the Catherine Forbes Clark Convocation and Recreation Center, reopened after undergoing an extensive renovation. The 3,000-person gym now boasts a new maple hardwood floor and upgraded bleachers, entryways, and specialty lighting and audiovisual systems.

The first phase of this work involved removing the existing wooden bleachers and two existing floors—an upper wooden floor and the original synthetic floor below it. The upper wooden floor was worn and had outlived its useful life. The original synthetic floor below it contained mercury, which had to be professionally and properly remediated and disposed of. The new gym floor adheres to all current athletic performance standards, providing the shock absorption athletes require.

UMass Boston is most grateful to the Division of Capital Asset Management for providing the funding for the environmental remediation portion of the project.

Athletes, coaches, and spectators all agree it was worth the wait!

Nantucket Septic System
Completed May 2012

Installation of a new innovative/alternative (I/A) septic system at the Nantucket Field Station to replace existing systems that were not in compliance with the Board of Health. This new system will significantly reduce nitrogen levels that get introduced into the harbor. This is the second largest I/A septic system on Nantucket and will be nominated for a clean harbor award.

Health Services Renovation
Completed April 2012

The Health Services area underwent a remodeling and physical upgrade to improve efficiency registering and triaging patients. This work involved adding exam rooms and office space and assisted in meeting compliance requirements within accreditation standards for certification by the American Association for Ambulatory Heath Care (AAAHC). The University of Massachusetts Boston Health Services is one of only seven accredited university/college health centers in the state of Massachusetts.

McCormack School of Public Policy
Completed March 2012

Renovation and reconfiguration for the McCormack-third floor School of Public Policy added a 12 person Conference Room that can be used campus wide.

Center for Evidence Based Mentoring
Completed February 2012

The former student lounge on the fourth floor of the Wheatley Hall Building has been renovated to suit the program requirements for the Center for Evidence Based Mentoring. Professor of Psychology Jean Rhodes is a leading expert on youth mentoring research, and the depth, breadth, and rigor of her academic accomplishments have made important contributions to policies affecting children and youth. Professor Rhodes began studying youth mentoring before it was in the limelight, gaining a deep, theoretically-informed and practically-applicable understanding of the nuances of relationships and programs.

Child Development Unit
Completed February 2012

Located on the third floor of the Wheatley Hall Building, this space has been renovated to suit a research program developed by a senior faculty member of the Department of Psychology, Professor Edward Tronick. He is a world-class researcher and teacher recognized by his peers for his work on the neurobehavioral and social emotional development of infants and young children, parenting in the U.S. and other cultures, and infant-parent mental health. The space is the former Wit’s End Café, and located adjacent to the Venture Development Center.

Softball Field Irrigation Project
Completed December 2011

Installation of an underground piping system provides irrigation to the Softball Field and surrounding areas. It is designed with a fully automatic control system including rain sensors that eliminates all manual operation. The system is a sustainable design that will provide water savings of as much as 40%, saving the university tens of thousands of gallons of water per year.

First Solar Panel Project
Completed September 2011

UMass Boston's first solar panel array installed on Wheatley Hall fourth floor roof

An installation of 350 photovoltaic panels launches the University of Massachusetts Boston’s use of solar renewable energy on campus. A digital readout placed in the Wheatley Hall lobby displays the amount of energy generated, which is estimated to save the university $10,000 each year.

The Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) and the Department of Energy Resources received funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act specifically to install solar photovoltaic panels on the Commonwealth’s buildings. The ARRA funding for the UMass Boston project is supplemented by clean renewable energy bonds that will be repaid by the energy savings generated by the photovoltaic system.

Crews completed assembly and installation of the panels’ ballasted racking system on the fourth floor Wheatley roof in September 2011. The system was connected to the grid in October 2011.

Restroom Inprovements
Completed September 2011

Renovations and upgrades took place on twenty seven campus restrooms to provide better accessibility for buildings built in the 1970s. Nine restrooms located in the most traveled areas are now fully accessible in the Healey, McCormack, Quinn and Wheatley buildings. Nominal improvements were made to the remainder of the restrooms to be more responsive to those with disabilities including replacing faucets, lowering mirrors, adjusting or replacing accessories.


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