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University of Quintana Roo Partnership

The purpose of our partnership with University of Quintana Roo's Intercultural Studies Center (CENEI) is to develop academic activities of topics of mutual interest including exchange of study-abroad programs, international research activities of both faculty, students and staff researchers and other academic activities like joint teaching and international conferences.



July 14: A delegation of the University of Quintana Roo meets with State Representative Carlos Gonzalez

A delegation of the University of Quintana Roo (Chetumal, Mexico) visit the Gastón Institute and meet with State Representative Carlos Gonzalez to share their experience advising home-based micro entrepreneurs. Rep. Gonzalez is sponsoring a bill to support this type of business in Massachusetts.

June 18: Students from University of Quintana Roo at WUMB Radio Station

Students from University of Quintana Roo collaborate in a recording session at the University of Massachusetts Boston radio station to encourage Latinos enroll in health care, part of Todos Juntos con Seguro project. Photo: Matt "Doctor" Leonard, Tania Argüelles Pinto and Alejandro Cervera.

April 13: Andrea Ornelas presents at Harvard University

Andrea Ornelas (UMass Boston, recipient of the Robert Hildreth Latin America Internship Award) presents "Work to Survive: Cultural Continuity on Maya Women Roles and Tensions with Globalization and Economic Development" at Harvard University

January 26: Gastón Institute Researchers Visit University of Quintana Roo

Gastón Institute Researchers Visit University of Quintana Roo in Mexico. María Idalí Torres, director of the Gastón Institute, and Professor and Senior Research Associate Phil Granberry, visited University of Quintana Roo, Mexico, where they taught applied anthropology and regional economic development seminars. 

Professor and Senior Research Associate Phil Granberry visited University of Quintana Roo, Mexico, where he taught a Regional Economic Development Seminar. Photo: Dr. Granberry and several of the students of Quintana Roo, along with Andrea Ornelas (UMass Boston, recipient of the Robert Hildreth Latin America Internship Award), visit a market in Chetumal for an observation.


August 18-25: Andrea Ornelas performs research at University of Quintana Roo

Andrea Ornelas, recipient of the Robert Hildreth Latin America Internship Award, takes advantage of the recently signed agreement and travels to University of Quintana Roo. She teaches English and performs research.

July 25: UMass Boston Signs an Agreement with the University of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

A delegation from University of Quintana Roo visits UMass Boston to sign a Memorandum of Understanding that launches the partnership between the universities.


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