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  • Take a 3D Virtual Tour of the Genomics Core!
  • The NextSeq 2000 is here! And sequencing just got cheaper! Check our new pricing.
  • Genomics Core re-opens May 4, 2020, as essential service (posted 4/27/2020)
  • Genomics Core closes due to COVID-19 campus closure (posted March 12, 2020)
  • Drs. Macoska and Zarringhalam present Seminar on Sequencing Technology and Analysis:
  • Single Cell Sequencing is here! 10X Genomics Chromium Instrumentation is Available (posted 8/22/18)
  • The CPCT Genomics Core is now offering mRNA-Seq library preps.   (Posted 7/27/16)
  • New lower RNA-Seq library prep prices! We are pleased to announce that our automated library prep method has allowed us to streamline the procedure and lower overall costs. Please log in to iLab or contact us for pricing. Also, we are now offering MiSeq services. (Posted 8/28/15)
  • Welcome to the CPCT Genomics Core!  Click Getting Started with iLab Solutions to learn about our online ordering system. (Posted on: 7/6/15)
  • Our HiSeq 2500 was upgraded to v4 for 1 TB runs in less than 6 days. (Posted on: 6/1/15)
  • Now offering automated NGS library preps on the Biomek FXp. (Posted on: 5/28/15)
  • The Agilent Tapestation is the newest addition to the CPCT Genomics Core.  (Posted on: 5/15/15)
  • Our HiSeq and other core instruments were successfully moved to their new home in the state-of-the-art Integrated Sciences Complex at UMass Boston.  (Posted on: 2/11/15)


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