Students working in Savin Hill Cove just outside the UMass Boston campus (2011)


Adopt a Student! (Download brochure here)

Green Boston Harbor (GBH) Project

Mission: To enhance the coastal ecosystem stewardship through research, education and outreach projects.

Goal: To establish a “green urban harbor”, or a harbor that lives within its ecological and human limits.

Where: In our local communities that we call home.

When: Every day!

Why: To promote ecosystem health and sustainability.

‘Adopt’ A Student For A Green Job

Investing in each student's environmental education
ensures our sustainable future.

Undergraduate Student at UMass Boston/Year ~ $18,000.00
Graduate Student at UMass Boston/Year ~ $28,000.00

The environmental, social and economic health of our coastal urban areas depends on their integration within healthy, resilient coastal ecosystems.  It will take all of us - students, educators, businesses, and neighborhood associations - to make this happen.  With your help, GHP will continue to provide a green workforce educational system that prepares prepares our students and community residents for green, skilled positions with employers who are now experiencing critical shortages in this area. This project supports the formation and long-term expansion of the ‘green sector’, as any job can become ‘a green job’ if based on green education, eco-literacy and environmental limitations.

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