Fort Point Channel

The Green Harbors Project (GHP) and the Community Boat Building are convening a multi-disciplinary team to design and implement a biomimetic strategy to improve the environmental conditions of Boston's Fort Point Channel (FPC) by establishing a floating wetland system and restore a small salt marsh at the Bass River edge in FPC.  Salt marshes provide essential ecological services for the harbor: improve water quality, habitat for a variety of fish and shellfish, protect the shoreline from storm surges and sea level rise.  

Floating wetlands offer opportunities to restore these services when shoreline access is limited by human built environment. We are using a biomimicry approach, applying lessons learned from healthy wetland systems, and using environmentally friendly materials, so that designed floating islands can provide and support conditions conducive to life.

Background: Status and trend of coastal habitats in Boston Harbor: Atlas

Photos: Floating wetland; Fort Point Channel Google earth

Green Harbors Project

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