Green Harbors Project

at the University of Massachusetts Boston

Nantucket: Human System

Resilience: an art of balancing human and ecological services and functions.

This Capstone team is comprised of four amazing students with their independent studies addressing human-nature coupling systems. Why does it have to be so hard to work together and be healthy, wealthy and sustainable? The fact is: this young generation inherited unacceptable  environmental and social issues; the good news is they are smarter and are fixing it. Abstract

Independent Study Topics Students
Nantucket’s Sustainability: how to measure a carrying capacity for humans? Poster Timchi Khamdy

Responsible Landscapingon Nantucket Island: How to best manage use of fertilizers? Poster

Llewin Froome

Engaging with nature through sustainable recreation. Poster Jeremy Raynor
Media, the Environment and Nantucket. Poster Connor McKay