Intro to Biomimicry Course Documents

Honors Course Syllabus by Prof. Frankic

Online Biomimicry Course by Prof. Frankic

Biomimicry in Green Harbors Talks

The First NASA Annual National Biomimicry Summit and Education Forum, August 2-4 2016, Cleveland, Ohio 

Biodiversity for Livable Climate, Harvard University, Cambridge, November 19, 2016

GHP documents

Proposed biomimicry living lab

Frankić, A., L. Greber and M. Farnsworth.(2011). Teaching and learning with nature using a biomimicry-based approach to restore three keystone habitats: salt marsh, eel grass and shellfish beds. Biomimicry Institute, Editor. Proceedings of the first biomimicry in higher education webinar. January 29, 2011: TBI. [PDF]


(Thanks in part to suggestions from the Biomimicry Institute reading list.)

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Design and Nature II. Ed M. W. Collins et. Al. 2004.

McDonough, W. (2004). Cradle to Cradle.

Pawlyn, M. (2011) Biomimicry in Architecture

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Biomimicry Institute

Biomimicry 3.8

Ask Nature is a webpage showcasing innovative biomimicry designs.

Dordrecht floating/amphibious homes and BACA architects LifE project

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