About Us

GoKids Boston embodies innovation and leadership in youth health through life-changing programs, groundbreaking research, exceptional training opportunities, and dedication to the community.

We are a leader in children’s health and fitness by:

  • Providing community and clinical service to prevent and manage obesity and chronic disease through exercise and promotion of healthy habits;
  • Advancing the science relating youth exercise and fitness to health outcomes;
  • Linking research to practice in our unique university-based setting; and
  • Training students and providers to use effective youth exercise and health promotion strategies.

GoKids Boston achieves its mission through:


A simple premise.  When kids have fun doing something, they want to do it again and again.  We focus on the development, testing and broad based use of fun physical activities such as movement and ‘exergaming’, combined with traditional fitness and nutrition programs to help kids become more physically active at home, in school, and in the community.

We attract top researchers and clinical investigators who are committed to developing breakthrough programs aimed at combating sedentary lifestyles and obesity in urban youth.

Educational Training

GoKids Boston is a living laboratory that engages undergraduate and post-graduate students of a variety of health and education disciplines including, exercise science, nursing, education, and psychology.  They carry the GoKids mission into the community as fitness leaders and educators.

Community Outreach

We serve the youth of the City of Boston.  We reach out to them through their healthcare providers, teachers and community leaders. By sharing what we learn with communities and our schools, GoKids Boston inspires health change throughout our Commonwealth and the nation.

GoKids Boston

Quinn Administration Building
UL Room 50
100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125

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