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Information for Parents

Scholarship assistance is available for families with financial need.

Parents! Want more information on fun and healthy eating? If so make sure you check out the following links with information in both English and Spanish from the Harvard School of Public Health Prevention Research Center.

  1. Fruits and Vegetables—Take a Bite!
  2. Physical Activity—Get Moving!
  3. Sugar Sweetened Drinks—Be Sugar Smart!
  4. Healthy and Unhealthy Fats—Go For the Good!
  5. Whole Grains—Go for Whole Grains!
  6. Healthy Snacking—Super Snacks!
  7. Fruits and Vegetables—Mix It Up!
  8. Reduce TV Viewing—Tune Out the TV!
  9. Physical Activity—Play Hard! 
  10. Hydration—Be Active, Stay Cool 
  11. Food & Fun Finale!

In addition to resources provided by the Harvard School of Public Health, please view Nutrition Resources provided by PublicHealth.org which offers open access journals, open courseware, research organizations, professional organizations, and public awareness organizations. 


Following is a table of useful links and websites.

General Nutrition and Health

The Harvard Prevention Research Center on Nutrition and Physical Activity works with community partners to design programs  that aim to reduce overweight and chronic disease risk among children and youth. www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource

Food & Fun

KidsHealth website, created by the The Nemours Foundation's Center for Children's Health Media, provides families with doctor-approved information that they can understand and use for nutrition and fitness advice for young adults and children. www.kidshealth.org
Action for Healthy Kids offers state-by-state information and tips on how families can make positive changes to lead healthier lives. www.actionforhealthykids.org
National Nutrition Month, sponsored by the American Dietetic Association, offers up-to-date nutrition resources as well as tips for parents and educators. www.eatright.org
The newly redesigned Food Guide Pyramid and created an interactive web site that provides specific information on each component.  

Fruits and Vegetables

The Produce for Better Health Foundation gives tips for eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables as well as additional nutritional information and activity pages for children. www.5aday.com
This website from Dole is a "5-a-day" website that has different sections for educators as well as children: www.dole5aday.com


Read this website about how to eliminate trans fat from your food from "Trans free America", a campaign by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. www.transfreeamerica.org

Nutrition Policy

The School Nutrition Association is a professional organization that offers tips for healthy nutrition in schools, as well as recipes and educational resources for parents and educators. www.schoolnutrition.org
The Food Research and Action Center works to influence public policies in improving hunger and under nutrition. It provides resources for help in connecting to federal food programs, such as those that help fund nutrition snacks in after school programs. www.frac.org

Children and Teens

The Center for Science in the Public Interest produces “Smart Mouth”, an informative site created for older children, teens, and young adults to learn interesting facts about food as well as the entire the food industry. It includes a meter scale that allows you to see how many calories and fat you consume in various meals throughout the day. https://cspinet.org/
Nutrition Explorations, part of the National Dairy Council, is an interactive website with activities and cool recipes for kids as well as healthy eating information. www.nutritionexplorations.org/kids/main.asp
The International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation developed the Kidnetic web site to engage children and encourage healthy habits. This site also includes a separate section for parents, and encourages communication between parents and teens with an interactive email program. www.kidnetic.com


The USDA/Agricultural Research Children’s Nutrition Research Center and provides up-to-date resources on children’s nutrition and health.  
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide materials for parents and educators and is especially geared for 9-13 year olds. www.cdc.gov/youthcampaign/


Download free coloring and activity pages plus other ideas for teaching children about fruits and vegetables at this website: www.pbhfoundation.org/educators/teachers/activities/
This site from Neat Solutions offers parents/educators free nutrition lesson plans, as well as a list of nutrition education resources. www.NeatSolutions.com
Human Kinetics has two CDs which play short tracks of fun music to move by, and work well for obstacle course stations or circuit training. www.humankinetics.com/products/showproduct.cfm?isbn=0736044493
Additional fruit and vegetable activities and games from Yummy Designs, Inc are available for purchase here: www.yummydesigns.com/games.htm

Community Connections

Action for Healthy Kids is a nonprofit organization that works with schools to improve children’s nutrition and increase physical activity with the mission to reduce childhood obesity. www.actionforhealthykids.org
School Food Service Directors can partner with local programs through this website. As well as offer tips on meal or snack preparation, or help with taste tests and other promotions around food and nutrition. To connect to your state child nutrition organization, or school meals organization, with the USDA Team Nutrition program, go to:


Connect with farmer’s markets in your area by visiting this website: www.ams.usda.gov/farmersmarkets/map.htm