Information for Parents

Scholarship assistance is available for families with financial need.

Parents! Want more information on fun and healthy eating? If so make sure you check out the following links with information in both English and Spanish from the Harvard School of Public Health Prevention Research Center.

  1. Fruits and Vegetables—Take a Bite!
  2. Physical Activity—Get Moving!
  3. Sugar Sweetened Drinks—Be Sugar Smart!
  4. Healthy and Unhealthy Fats—Go For the Good!
  5. Whole Grains—Go for Whole Grains!
  6. Healthy Snacking—Super Snacks!
  7. Fruits and Vegetables—Mix It Up!
  8. Reduce TV Viewing—Tune Out the TV!
  9. Physical Activity—Play Hard! 
  10. Hydration—Be Active, Stay Cool 
  11. Food & Fun Finale!

In addition to resources provided by the Harvard School of Public Health, please view Nutrition Resources provided by which offers open access journals, open courseware, research organizations, professional organizations, and public awareness organizations.

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